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In addition to the course materials below, you will have lifetime access to the member community for group coaching and individual support.

    1. Welcome

    2. Our Story- How We Stumbled Into Miracles

    3. Inside the Course

    4. Metamorphosis 101 Workbook

    5. Join the Member Community for Support, Tools, and More Education!

    1. The Wisdom of the Body: Body Scan Exercise

    2. Filling Out Your Body Scan Sheet

    3. What sensations did you notice?

    4. Energy and Emotions

    5. When Energy and Emotions Get Stuck

    1. The emBODY Study

    2. Word Picture Exercise

    3. Giving Feelings a Name

    4. Atlas of Emotions Tool

    5. How can you better describe that?

    1. Let's Interrupt the Pattern

    2. What am I really believing?

    3. Emotional Guidance Scale

    4. Strategies for Clearing Stuck Emotions

    5. How do you want to do it?

    1. Become Receptive to Allowing More Goodness

    2. What Exactly is Nourishing?

    3. Moving Up the Emotional Guidance Scale

    4. Strategies for Nourishing

    1. Identify, Clarify, Clear, and Nourish

    2. The One Step We're Always Working Toward...

    3. Changing an Emotional Set Point

    4. Addressing a Challenging Situation

METAmorphosis 101

  • $349.00
  • 35 lessons
  • lifetime access to course material
  • member community
  • weekly coaching + new tools

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  • begin untangling the source of your overwhelm?

  • find out what's under the surface of the beliefs that drive the momentum of your life?

  • have the clarity to CHOOSE what you believe and how you want to feel?

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  • Metamorphosis Guide Workbook

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    In addition to the course content, you'll get this workbook to use over and over to work through shifting your own thoughts and emotions into POWERFUL beliefs... for yourself or for those you teach/guide.

  • Member Community

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    Rather than paying $50 each month for private or group coaching, this member community is INCLUDED with the course. This is where we will take the foundation of the course and break it down, work on exactly what you need, continue the inspiring conversations of learning, growing and expanding together, AND learn new tools every month to apply in our journey. It will include a weekly oil drop video that combines essential oil research, personal experience, and real life application and uses for essential oils. We will also hold a monthly workshop where members practice application of what we've learned, ask questions and get answers, and create protocols together.

  • Essential Oil Application Mini-Course (coming Feb 1st)

    $79 value

    If essential oils are the tools you love to use (like us) to shift emotions and thoughts to a more purposeful place, this mini-course will lay out the in-depth uses of over 20 essential oils and help you map out the locations of the body where trapped emotions may be hanging on, as well as the emotional connections between all of the major energy meridians and organs in the body.

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